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Currently, Ben is developing two new projects internally at Reconstruction Pictures. One is a sci-fi feature film with a social justice bent, and the other is a thriller streaming series, also with social justice undercurrents.

Ben has been hired to write three screenplays this year for/with other production companies. One is a TV pilot he is developing with a production company and collaborators based on an optioned novel. The other two are different true-crime period pieces set on the east coast.

Ben has also been shadowing directors on television shows including HBO's True Blood and CBS's Madam Secretary.


Lives That Speak

Director, Producer, Editor:  Ben Hickernell

Type:  For-Hire Documentary ; Education

Client: Haverford College

Haverford College, one of the nation's top liberal arts colleges, and Ben's alma mater, asked him to create a multi platform film project about the nature of a Haverford education, the role it plays in someone's development, and the ways it resonates throughout someone's life.


Ben travelled far and wide to interview alum of various ages and pursuits. The second in command at the US mint, a world class beer brewer, top level businesspeople, tech entrepreneurs, and even award-winning author Dave Barry. Ben travelled to Hong Kong, Canada, up and down both coasts of the US, and in between.


The project resulted in a main 24 minute documentary film, and 15 approximately five minute web segments.

Data: A Love Story

Director, Producer, Editor:  Ben Hickernell

Type:  Book Trailer

Client: Penguin Books

Ben wrote, produced, directed and edited this book trailer for Penguin Books.


Director, Producers: Sarah McCaron & Yuval Boim

Editor:  Ben Hickernell

Type: TV Pilot

Production Co: Clyde & Mynestra

UCLA School of Law

Director, Producer, Editor: Ben Hickernell

Type: Education ; Web

Client: UCLA

Ben has produced several videos for UCLA School of Law and The Promise Institute for Human Rights.

Campus Code

Directors: Kenneth Waddell & Catherine Scorcese

Co-Producer & Co-Editor: Ben Hickernell

Type: Independent Film

Ben was a co-producer on this film, functioned as line producer, and also co-edited the film.

Wharton Welcome

Director: Ben Hickernell

Editor: Ben Hickernell

Production Co.: FreshFly

Type: Educational ; Corporate

Client: Wharton School of Business

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