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BEST FICTION FILM                                    Traverse City Film Festival                              LEBANON, PA.

STANDOUT FILM                                        Hells Half Mile Film Festival                           LEBANON, PA.

BEST PA FILM                                             Philadelphia Film Festival                               LEBANON, PA.

BEST PA FILM OF THE YEAR                         Philadelphia Inquirer                                     LEBANON, PA.

BEST DIRECTOR                                         Long Beach Intl Film Festival                           A RISING TIDE

BEST PA FILM                                             Philadelphia Film Festival                               CELLAR

SPECIAL AWARD FOR COLLABORATION       The Barrymore Awards                                  CELLAR

OFFICIAL SELECTION                                 SXSW                                                       LEBANON, PA.

OFFICIAL SELECTION                                 SEATTLE INTL FILM FESTIVAL                          A RISING TIDE



New York Times - "... so studiously balanced an examination of teenage pregnancy that it deserves a medal for evenhandedness... a tidy little indie with steady acting... the latest in a line of small perfect performances in which Ms. Hurt brings a whole complicated person to life."

Cinematical - " intriguing, beautiful film by a promising young director."

Huffington Post - "A superb bittersweet drama... Hickernell has given us much to think about."

Philadelphia Inquirer - " ...a poignant portrait of an unlikely friendship and a pungent contrast of urban clamor and small-town murmur. Without taking sides in the city-vs.-country debate, Hickernell elicits sympathetic performances from both of his leads, particularly newcomer Kitson, who is a performer of subtlety and intelligence."

New York Observer - Rex Reed - "Lebanon, Pa. has been directed, written and edited by triple-threat newcomer Ben Hickernell. As a director, he knows what to do with a camera and how to handle actors, giving them enough time to grow on you. As a writer, he has a keen ear for the way people talk and relate, in big moments of revelation and intimate moments in bed... vastly superior to most of the Hollywood dreck we’ve been getting lately, Lebanon, Pa. is a thoughtful and perceptive film well worth recommending."

Film Threat - " “Lebanon, PA” is a beautiful film with powerful characters and a story you can really connect with in a way that won’t make you feel gross or manipulated. This is the complexity of life; these things actually happen... an exceptional film. Four stars."


Variety - "... a likable drama... this engaging feature from writer / director Ben Hickernell is aided by the conviction that the solid cast brings to the material. Result is a good bet for fests on the hunt for upbeat, inspirational fare."

We Are Movie Geeks - "Though its love story is well-acted and involving , the lasting emotional impact of A RISING TIDE is the knowledge that life needs to be lived in the moment and occasionally chances taken.  In the next moment, it could all disappear at the whim of mother nature.  It’s the perseverance of the human spirit and the love of those around us that makes us able to face even the most insurmountable of obstacles."

Daily Journal - ""A Rising Tide" is a beautiful love story not just about a young complicated couple, but also about a father and son and a love of one's family and community. Taking a real catastrophe, Hurricane Sandy, and finding ways to weave in many different situations that residents experienced, then blending it seamlessly into this sweet, fictional story is simply sublime. Toss in a creative and fresh food being prepared into sophisticated comfort food and you have the icing on the cake of an already deliciously delightful film."

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